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  • Gaj, Vuk

    Cyrillicator, the Serbian Cyrillic-Latin text translator. Serbs use both alphabets.

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  • key in green

    The Vigenère cipher is a method of encrypting text by using of different Caesar ciphers.

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  • Unicode

    Unicode is a standard coding system that the two Serbian alphabets need.

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  • Vitalnost

    Vitality is a capacity to live and develop, or the excess of information, in relation to the dead physical matter that makes us.

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  • Physics, Information

    Minimalism is the principle that drives the world.


    More frequent realizations of more probable outcomes, or spontaneous flows to smaller action, are opposite to the conservation and the same for all others.

    The Arhimed Banja Luka (Archimedes) has been the Association of the teachers of math and sciences from the schools in Republic of Srpska founded 2002th. We haven't been active for a long time. Also, Adobe Flash Player is no longer supported.

  • Kung fu activities

    Banja Luka: Lotos ≽

    kung fu

    Diploma for the achieved level of the skill (2016). Examples: September 2012, January 2015, April 2017.

    China: Xiamen ≽


    Banja Luka Team at the International compettition. With that small team, we won numerous medals back then again.

  • Recent events

    Информатичка Теорија I
    Информатичка Теорија II
    Информатичка Теорија III

    Мај-јули и даље, 2022.
    јули-септембар, 2022.
    октобар-децембар, 2022.

    Докази су наизглед тешки, али послужиће ми управо такви у неким евентуалним коментарима, надам се.

    Basics of Algebra

    Vector Spaces, Linear Maps, Eigenvalues, Inner Product Spaces, Trace, Determinant, and in general, the "tools" needed for, say, quantum physics or information theory.